FW doesn't start up? [Resolved]

Using Thinkpad R51 with XP SP2. After the current round of updates this week from MS, when I boot the computer Comodo doesn’t start and reports to the security center that it’s turned off. Looking in services it is set to automatic. I can start it fine manually and it runs ok.

Anyone else having this problem? Is there a cure?

Hi, beck (:WAV).

Do you mean the firewall GUI doesn’t load or the monitor shields are off?

I guess I don’t know.

There is no icon in the system tray and the MS security center pops up and says that Comodo reports it is off. Looking in the security center, I have no firewall. Windows firewall is still shut off.

In task manager I have no processes I can identify as Comodo process which I think is cpf.exe. Once I start Comodo by double clicking the icon on the desktop I have the cpf.exe and everything in it works fine. Everything in the GUI is set on except the componet monitor is set to learning.

I’ve looked in all the event logs and can’t find anything related to Comodo or anything else not running.

Is there a startup log that Comodo writes somewhere I could look at?

I see what you mean. cpf.exe is the GUI.

Go to the Start menu > Run > enter: msconfig. Go the Startup tab and see if CPF - “C:\Program Files\Comodo\Firewall\CPF.exe” / background … entry is enabled. Check to enable it. It should be like this by default to autostart the firewall on each Windows boot.

Thank you. It wasn’t there. There was a blank entry though, so maybe that’s where it was supposed to be?

Anyway, since you gave me the string, I added it with regedit with the other startups. It starts and runs fine now when I boot. Hopefully, it will stay there! :Beer

Glad it’s working for you. Usually security applications or other real-time programs that affect startup registry entries are the ones that remove this key for whatever reason.

I’ll go ahead and mark this resolved.