FW crashed and deleted all settings

I was using Comodo FW for a week or so, and just painstakingly customized all its settings to suit me, when it suddenly crashed - out of nowhere - when I wanted to change a FW setting for a program in the list.
Just like that - I double-clicked its entry in the rules and it said “Oops, you found a bug” and that was it.

When I restarted it, ALL the firewall settings were gone! The list was completely blank. :o

Is Comodo perhaps periodically backing up the configuration, or is there at least a way to rescue some of it from the files?

Or should I rather just forget the whole thing and dump it wholesale for another desktop FW product???

(Might sound radical, but it took me DAYS to tweak it to my needs - and if such thing happens again, without a possibility to restore it, I surely don’t have any use for it anymore.
And no - I don’t have the backup, since I was configuring a new computer and haven’t had the time to set up a regular backup procedure yet.)

Everything wouldn’t be half as bad (and here’s a hint for a vast improvement, IMO):
if the pop-up window (balloon) requiring user’s action on a new event, would offer four different buttons:
[Allow Once], [Allow Permanently], [Block Once] and [Block Permanently]
(like the ancient Tiny FW had aeons ago - in version 2.x) - instead of the radio buttons, plus an option which would take you directly to the rule editor and open the new rule afterwards, it would take just a fraction of time to set the rules, than it takes now.

As it is, it requires way, WAY too much clicking - esp. to get to the settings afterwards and change the new rule (like to change a specific IP address to Any)…

CIS does not automatically back up. However it stores its rules in the registry. So using Windows System Restore could help you out.

You can export your configuration to a file under Miscellaneous → Manage My Configurations.