fw blocks Cloud (windows operating system)

Hi, i´m on win7 x64 prof. and my firewall is blocking:

I got 415 blocks in around 7 hours… i exported the list:

From what i googled it seems like the comodo firewall is blocking the comodo cloud system which is used for checking if files are secure or not via the web e.g. when sandboxing is enabled?

is there a fix for this? it really annoyes me to have so many blocks and also it means that comodo isnt working fine?


@edit: port 51337 is the one which i use for utorrent… but utorrent wasnt running during the blocks.

The logged destination port, 35272, is not one of the two ports that are used for the cloud look up.

Apparently that port is open on your router. See if it is manually opened. Also check if it was opened with the Universal Plug and Play (uPnP) interface.

Nope that port isnt open on my router.

also smth strange… when i export the log file as a .htm file, i have different ports than it shows in the log of comodo itself:

uploaded the log of today:

  • here the screen of comodo from today:


in comodo it says port 51337 (which would be the utorrent port) bot it doesnt in the exported .htm file.

The differences between these results are truly odd. Looks like a bug to me.

The uTorrent port is probably still open as sometimes programs forget to close ports when they close. You should be able to find that port using the uPnP interface.

See attached image from my situation.

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the services list is empty here :S

and for that bug: it kinda sucks… aswell as having 680+ blocks every day :stuck_out_tongue:


bump again :S

no one got a fix for this?

my firewall blocked 2545 things :S

@edit: could it be because i might have stealth port wizard set to the first option ?

is there a way to see what my stealth port wizard is set to right now?



Help!! I am in the same condition… 642 connection blocke in one hour… Please stop this!!!

Thank you


Setting the firewall to stealth using the Stealth Ports Wizard (and enabling logging) can produce a lot of things being logged. That’s not a bad thing. It simply shows the firewall is doing what it is supposed to do; block uncalled for incoming traffic.

On my local network is a media center device that broadcast every 4-5s. That fills up the logs quite a bit.

i just wonder what kind of incomming connections it is blocking… i never had so many blocked connections before… also there are IP´s beeing blocked which are part of the comodo cloud. why is comodo blocking its own service?

also: is there a way to find out to what my stealth port wizard is set to at the moment?



I have the same problem with blocking “Windows Operating System” and even with blocking Comodo!

I don’t have problem with internet access or Web browser and if there is no problem with blocking these ports it’s ok for me. :slight_smile:

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yes! I’ve got the same problem,

in my case apparently the reason is that utorrent is leaving port ‘xxxxx’ open when I turn off the program

so, what is the solution for it?


6516 blocked connections

comodo just crashed…my internet was totalyl blocked (browser didnt work anymore) and then comodo crashed… then my browser worked again + i restarted comodo… then i made this little video:

1 blocked connection per second…


seriously what the hell is this? :S

here another clip showing the same again + all processes and their connections running on my system with currports:

also when closing firefox & mirc, i still get 1 blocked connection per second