FW application profile for Opera Browser+Mail

As you may know Opera has an e-mail client built in. User is either forced to do the chore of combining two application profiles (browser + mail) or to assign “any any any” rule for Opera.

Correct observation. Recently somebody put a wish in the Wish forums asking for the possibility to mix rulesets.

Correct if I’m wrong but we are hitting the “lack of possibility to export single elements (like rules) and to export independently foreach CIS module” wall again. Generaly I don’t use any software which does not provide efficient and simple way to backup and restore its settings after clean reinstallation. I also hope to get an answer for my question here https://forums.comodo.com/install_setup_configuration_help/import_only_firewall_rules_from_38_to_clean_39-t39424.0.html which is so basic I can’t think of it not to be possible.