fvstore.dat - can't find any info on this

It’s in my C:\Windows\system32\drivers
Created within an hour of installing v6, so I assumed it had something to do with Comodo, but googling produces barely any results. Can’t find any information of it, can’t find hints of it in my registry etc, but virustotal.com shows it’s clean

Anyone know if this is created by CIS? And if not, how to make sure where it’s from and whether it’s legitimate?

I have it too :open_mouth:

It was created and changed in a time range when i used comodo.
Its still there though.

I have this file on Win 7, with the only other files created on the same date were 3 snapshot.etl files and 1 energy report.

I do not have this file on a Vista system.

Both machines have identical Comodo products.

Edit: I have moved this to the General Discussion section, considering I do not have it on both systems I doubt it belongs to CIS.

I think those files being created around the same date, is probably coincidence. The ‘energy-report’ may be a consequence of either manually or automatically running powercfg -energy. It’s usually an HTML file and gives some interesting information about ones PC. The other file with the .elt extension is a Windows trace file. These are created by the OS for a variety of purposes, check WMI. They can also be created by using Perfmon and other tools.

On topic. I don’t have the file on the systems I’ve checked…

Thanks Radaghast
I agree with the coincidence, I was mainly pointing out that no Comodo files were installed the same time.
The energy report could very well be just me experimenting with functions that day.
The snapshot.etl files are in C:\Windows\System32\wdi folder, interesting how many are in there I have never really looked before.
Edit: Apologies to emanresuoseehc, not intending to hijack your topic.

:o big bin

can the file be deleted without any problems ?

Not sure, to be done at your own risk.
I have renamed mine to see if any problems arise or if it recreates, so far nil on both fronts.
I will leave it for a few days and see what happens.
It is jumbled, but reading as text it appears to have some system history, settings and fonts listed. :-\

No problem!

On topic:

I have moved this to the General Discussion section, considering I do not have it on both systems I doubt it belongs to CIS.

The interesting thing is that if you google “fvstore.dat” you’ll mostly get people’s posted OTL logs. If you look further you’ll see that what all of them have in common is that each system has Comodo installed.

Either a nice coincidence, or fvstore.dat really does have something to do with CIS.

I have the file too and I figured it might be related the CIS AV like sfi.dat as it seemed to coincide with a date for the latest quick or rating scan. Running rating and quick scan did not change anything. Also adding one file from the unknown files of the rating scan to the trusted list did not change the file…

It is on all Windows versions I have v6 installed on but not the one ones I have v5.12 installed on. That could be a clue it might be related to CIS v6.

I sent a pm to egemen with the question if this file belongs to CIS v6 or not.

fvstore.dat is placed on your hard drive after you run Virtual Kiosk/reboot. It is created and disappears frequently.

If file doesn’t exist the Virtual Kiosk will hang.

I learned this while fixing the hanging Virtual Kiosk bug when working with Comodo Staff

Hi DrHaze,
This is great information, a big thanks. :-TU
I have confirmed this on my systems by renaming the file, following your instructions and it is instantly recreated on reboot.
Thanks again.

Also apologies for jumping the gun in thinking it was not tied to CIS, my reason for thinking this is posted above.
I have moved this back to Defense+ / Sandbox Help - CIS

Mine appeared in the time when i installed an instance of comodo (and used it/kiosk etc). And it got changed on the day when i uninstalled it, one week later.
Its still there.

I got word from egemen. Fvstore.dat belongs to CIS and is used by cmdguard.sys.

Glad we could get confirmation on this. Thanks!

Thanks for the update Eric. I don’t suppose he said anything about when this file is used/created because I don’t have it on the PCs I’ve tried installing CIS 6 on.

Hi Radaghast,
The system I did not have it on has it now after opening/closing Kiosk and then rebooting as ‘DrHaze’ suggested.
Do not know if that helps.

Thanks captain. I did try that after DrHaze made his post but I still didn’t get the file. I’ll try again later.

I sent another pm to egemen with this question and also asking about the finding by DrHaze.

Same here on Win 7 64.

There was a bug report filed on Hanging Virtual Kiosk By Me. If your are not getting the file fvstore.dat created and your virtual kiosk is hanging when loading sometimes that’s why. Comodo has said if you install the firewall only product your kiosk will hang. but they are looking deeper as there are people with the whole CIs 6 2674 Premium Suite installed that have the Virtual Kiosk hanging when loading too.The kiosk doesn’t hang any more, they have fixed the bug so expect in the next release.They have also fixed the Firefox Auto Sandboxing Flash Player Plugin bug, and the internet explorer won’t run in sandbox or run in virtual kiosk with Avast bug.
And they are aware also and could reproduce the bug when you right click on systray icon and click disable firewall or behavior blocker how it flashes and would go away. and also that the gui interface would do this when the systray was doing this at the same time. and i mentioned to them that firewall alerts were doing this as well.we are working on squishing these bugs!The four i reported have been fixed. and I know they are really fixing alot of other things. Remember that CiS 2674 has only 4 languages. Egemen has said some where in the forums that languages/translations dead line of December is no more as there will be a large update in January that will address all of the translations. This doesn’t mean the release with all the bug fixes will be the release with all the translated languages. But i am speculating they are the same thing. I would rather keep ironing out the issues and see a really sweet release…i have no time frame as anyone else. but with patience…

;D :-TU