Future Activity Icon Poll

ZoneAlarm (Pro) Style: A tray icon, separated into two vertical bars. (red and green). The green represents the download activity and the red represents the upload activity. The higher the bar, the higher the activity. (there is also an option in ZoneAlarm which blinks the tray icon as something is blocked, but it is not turned on by default)

Jetico Style: Tray icon, separated into two arrows. One pointing upward, and one pointing downwards. The upward arrow represents upload activity and the downward one represents the download. When there is no traffic, the arrow(s) are grayish in color. When traffic is present, arrows on the corresponding traffic are lighted green. When something is blocked, the arrow(s), corresponding to which direction the firewall has blocked the traffic, is lighted red.

Blocked Activity Animation: Plain tray icon which blinks when something is blocked.

Blinking Green and Red: A small dot in the plain tray icon which represents whether if something is allowed or denied. No Traffic = Grayish Dot. Allowed Traffic = Green Dot. Blocked Traffic = Red Dot. This Dot will be continously blinking to represent the current incoming/outgoing traffic.

Plain Icon: Same as the Comodo Launch Pad icon, with no activity animation.

Hi, jetico style. Seems if I remember correctly Sygate is similar(curved up/down arrows).

It would be nice to have an animated icon for the av also. IMO


I think keeping the current shield icon with fire in the background as icon. One half of shield represents incoming, and the other half outgoing data represented by bars similar to ZoneAlarm.

Although, I like launchpad as it is I don’t think it will be good to have the one icon showing activity for every application. Seperate icons would be better for this, if the user is given a choice on setup if they want launchpad or not, like Comodo are looking to implement following feedback.


Additional Blocked icon would be great.
Thus they can replace those nasty pop-us with this.
…and an extra sound when it block something would be nice.

…less people noticing they’re firewall’s blocking something, when the original icon just flashing or do stuff. But with additional icon, user will get curious to what it represented for.

*. One and small multi purpose icon won’t do anything great for user(s) with eye problem. …it’s to tiny!
*. Also copy-cating from another product? …why dont you just suggest they change the name to Comodo-Zone instead? …or Comodo-Gate?

What you’re talking about is the “Comodo Launch Pad” icon… not so sure one sole icon could do everything… seeing as CAV, CPF, etc… all exist behind this icon. Nor would I want to see a separation of icons as I have enough going on in my system tray already :slight_smile:

There was previously a talk about killing the Launch Pad, but after discussions, it seems that in the future the user could choose to whether install the Launch Pad or keep the icon(s) separated from each other. Meanwhile, I think there would be an option to disable the Launch Pad. :smiley:

The best activity icon I’ve seen is the one that
Comodo Firewall used to have. Please put it back.

I am now running Comodo Forewall Pro version

I just want to point out that the system-tray icon
of the earlier version gave a much clearer indication
of when packets were being uploaded or downloaded.
There were an up arrow and a down arrow, both
in light colors, that appeared on a dark background
and created the illusion of upward and downward motion.
This was very helpful, because it enabled me
to monitor data traffic to and from the internet easily –
and this can be an important clue to the presence of malware,
the proper functioning of a local network, etc–
all without my having to open the Comodo console.

In the new version the icon doesn’t change to a dark square
The white shield remains at all times. When uploading
is occurring a set of upward-pointing red chevrons flashes
on top of the shield; they create no illusion of upward movement.
Likewise for the downward-pointing chevrons. And then there
is a diagonal line “behind” the shield that appears
for a second sometimes (its meaning is unclear).
The chevrons are hard to see and do not move; they just
flash on and off. They are so small that I can barely
see in which direction they are pointing; I need to remember that
a red flash at the left means uploading and a red flash
at the right means downloading.

I would urge you to return to the icon in the earlier version.
It works. Don’t quarrel with success!


I liked the system tray icon of the old Comodo Firewall version 2.4 (:CLP)
Watching the red and green arrows pass each other against the black backdrop was neat.
It was the best firewall icon, even my children liked it. (:LOV)

The new version 3.0 system tray icon for the Comodo Firewall is a poor replacement. (:SAD)
It just looks messy, especially when red/green ticks appear as traffic comes in/ goes out.