Further to "system listening on port 139 - nbsess" China -


Further to post “system listening on port 139 - nbsess” (elsewhere archived on this board) I too have been getting “requests” and because of the crystal clear user interface of Comodo (I am not worthy ;D) I was able to action a block (of course surely it couldn’t be 100% bullet proof) against these Chinese intrusion attempts from…

ChinaNet Guangdong Province Network

Dongguan, Guangdong, China, Lat:23.0489 - Long:113.7446

I don’t want these intrusions from the ChinaNet Guangdong Province Network and thank you Comodo for at least having a go at helping and I hope you guys are okay too.


Mick of Crikey Coop.

I have blocked three Chinese network adresses in my blocked network zones list

COMODO listed them as blocked but they were persistent so I thought to include them in the blocked network zones list.

Yay the Chinese now rules the internet lol