Further Problems with Scheduled Backup

I too am having problems with the scheduled backups. the schedule is supposed to run after I have gone home. The PC is left logged on with the screensaver locked. Programs are closed. On both the last two nights the schedule has started as witnessed by the log entry below, but when I come in in the morning, the PC is unresponsive. On each occasion this has required a hard reset. It seems to fail to complete the inventory prior to running the backup.

the log file entries are:
02.11.2010 19:15:10 Running scheduled backup I:\Comodo\DWMD_|REVISION_NO_MAX05|
02.11.2010 19:15:10 Creating New Backup…
02.11.2010 19:15:12 Collecting information…
02.11.2010 19:15:12 This might take a few minutes depending of the number of files and folders…
[HArd Reset applied here]

03.11.2010 19:15:09 Running scheduled backup I:\Comodo\DWMD_|REVISION_NO_MAX05|
03.11.2010 19:15:09 Creating New Backup…
03.11.2010 19:15:09 Collecting information…
03.11.2010 19:15:10 This might take a few minutes depending of the number of files and folders…

A further hard reset here.
I am currently running a manual backup so cannot collect debug info at present
The backup leaves an empty file on the USB drive where the backups are stored.

Grateful for assistance.

Hi David.

We are very interested in determining the cause of this issue.
Did you set any synchronized backups?
You can view them in Manage → choose “List View” → then choose “Synchronized backups”.
If you did, this might be the cause. We had some similar reports from other users.
To avoid the issue, please delete the “Synchronized backups” in Manage.
An update will be available soon.


The backup in question is a straight file and folder backup. there is nothing clever about it. I have set the Macro to overwrite after a count of 5 and there is plenty of space on the drive. Tomorrow I will set the dump switch and then see where i takes me.
The System is Windows 7, and the backup device is a Dell RD-1000 USB device with 160GB

The most likely cause of this problem is cbufs.sys driver in \windows\system32\drivers.
To disable it: please rename this file, restart and let us know if the problem still exists.

You will need this file renamed back when restoring files that require restart.