Furnace Pilot Light

If anyone has a furnace, & knows what the pilot light looks like, could I see a picture of it so I have good idea of what it looks like please?

You’ll probably need to expand on this a little. After all, a pilot light is a flame… or a hole/jet usually with an ignition system close by. Furnace type/purpose?

Do you mean like a little window w/ a red switch by it?

Your furnace may look different, but the principles are likely the same as you’ll see in this YouTube video.

How to turn your furnace pilot light on - YouTube

depends on the furnace, older ones have a standing pilot light, meaning it is always running. Others have an ignition system that turns it on before the main burners need to run. There are multiple ignition systems but the common ones are spark and hot surface ignitor. A good burning pilot light will be more blue then orange /yellow. If it is hard to start or burning weird, clean it with a brass brush ( of course with the gas and furnace turned off).