Funny Video

I thought it was funny. (And the song sounded good too.)

Yup good song and its funny. LOL

I bet United isn’t “LOLing” about it. ;D Over 3 million people saw the vid… :o

Anyway, I like going by car. 88)

lol United is not loling about thats for sure.

I like going by Air Canada. :-TU

That was big on the news here (a few weeks ago) as the singer is from here. The airline has offered to make changes so that this does not happen again for anyone (shouldn’t have happened the first time), and he has been offered 2 custom guitars since. The guitar maker himself was impressed with the amount of publicity this video has made.

That was one very effective way to lodge a complaint.

Also, this is probably the best use of country/folk music: write an easily understandable protest song.

btw, offering him new (albeit custom) guitars probably does not make up the loss if the guitar had personal history attached to it.

United Breaks Guitars Song 2, the NEW version is out…

dang, the saga continues?!

Those are some funny and creative music videos (I’m almost liking that kind of music, now), but why don’t they give the man restitution and let him get back to writing less topically trivial songs. Or do we have to get the gov’t to turn their attention away from the auto industry to fix the airlines, too?

LOL v3 of that song is comming also ;D