Funny video about how Comodo protects you - its unique and funny

Please share this video with everyone you can, so that they understand how security should be.


I’m just wondering, why is it always “patent pending” and never actually “patented”? ???

Because getting a patent reviewed and granted takes time? :wink:

I guess, but I don’t often see “patented” being used in marketing however “patent pending” seems to be used quite often… I’m not just talking about Comodo though. Also I don’t understand why “patent pending” is even used in marketing? What does it mean to a user? Not much really, at least not in my opinion… I guess I just don’t understand the marketing, probably not aimed at me.

Good video about CIS protection. :slight_smile:


I think this is a good effort but it lacks punch. I like the cartoon characters and the initial bit with the blindfolded guy opening the door was funny and it made the point, but then you lost my interest and the message. Showing a cardboard box for the sandbox doesn’t even begin to show a non-savvy user HOW the sandbox protects them nor WHY they need it.

Perhaps using an airlock analogy might be better or showing a caged area inside the front door that unknown visitors can’t get out of might make the point better?

This is meant to be a visual message and the concept of the threat is delivered very well by the video, but the key points about the sandbox are delivered by the voice-over not by the video and that loses the interest of the viewer and dilutes the message. I really think you need a more visual way of showing what the sandbox does to unwanted visitors and how that protects you. It needs to be linked (visually) to the blindfolded guy opening the door, so that he can still open the door blindfolded but the bad guys are stuck in the sandbox and can’t do any damage. That shows how the sandbox protects you and highlights it’s automatic and simple to use behaviour.

It’s a great start and a very good idea, but you can do better. 5/10 :slight_smile:

Hmm what about showing it visually as two overlapping dimensions or whatever, the real dimension with normal colors and the sandbox dimensions which is represented by bluish/grayish color. When the strangers go into the home they fade from normal colors to bluish/grayish and lets say they knock over a lap and then a bluish/grayish version of that lap falls down on the floor and breaks while the real lamp with normal colors is still there unharmed… Then someone presses a button and the theives and broken lamp fade to nothing… (clearing the sanbox) However then your friends come over and they maintain their normal colors (whitelist)

However I guess the above is only true for FV sandbox…

I like this one: The Good, Bad, & The Ugly (aka Unknown) - YouTube :slight_smile:

Indeed same here :slight_smile: