Funny, silly or crazy rhymes or poems (Just for fun)

I was a little malicious file short and stout,
CIS came along and knocked me out.
Threw me into a sandbox where I was all alone,
it felt like I had been dethroned.
I sat in there for a couple of days,
it was rather scary I must say.
I couldn’t phone home the internet was out of reach,
CIS had a lesson to teach.
If you are a file with malicious intent and think you can’t be stopped,
think again if CIS is present because you will be blocked.
Now someone has hit the delete file button so I must die,
and it is time to say goodbye.

I am very certain some of you guys/girls are better writers than myself,
so put fingers to keyboards and show us some stuff from the top shelf.
Thanks and Kind regards. P.S. Does not have to be about Comodo, anything to make us smile.