"Funny" scareware event in a regular Firewall :D


i dont really get the mind behind this action. its a “fake” at all (even the “trojan” may not exist). and everyone who understands this, will move away. seems as if they are happy enough with some poor souls as customers, who felt in this trap.
beside: are they “snip” other mentioned firewalls names in this thread…?

i thought, comodos forum could need a funny moment :wink:

Makes Zone Alarm look like those fake av’s you can see in Languy99’s vids :frowning:

That’s really bad “advertising”, even more because it really gives the impression of a malwares’ pop-up :slight_smile: that’s not how a security software should do this. If i would use zonealarm i would sooo uninstall it after that…

Several users really hit Checkpoint where it hurts. Kudos to them.

Was this really an attempt to get people to buy the pay version? ???

I can’t believe that any security company could be that naive. There has to be something more to it. Right… ???

Either that or RIP ZoneAlart. :wink:

Also, what’s with the “snip”?
Are they actually editing the names of competitors from their forum?

fake av's
Maybe comodo could create an Anti-virus signiture just for that pop-up

It should be called Adware.Win32.ZAscares.ya

There are two positive things here:

  1. This is now a text book on how not to do marketing tricks.
  2. People now know what companies are there only for the money, and not protection of users.
    CheckPoint technology discovered a virus? Come on 88)

lets think about it:
why do we use another firewall than the windows firewall?

BECAUSE if we are happy with a good INBOUND protection, we would stay with the windows firewall.

BUT, if we want additional to avoid trojans on our computer to send OUT data, we decide to use a two way firewall.

Zone Alarm tells us (without intention): Stay with the windows firewall, it is free, and our firewall cant protect you from leaking data anyway…

the author of this genius event seems not to trust in his own product :smiley:

OMG…yet another provider claiming other’s don’t protect against this malware:

Here is Zonealarm Forum Moderator said:

"We wanted to proactively let our users know that ZoneAlarm Free Firewall and other AV products do not fully protect from this virus. "

Comodo protects!!!

What is it with this misinformation I am fighting lately!!! First Symantec…now Zonealarm!!!


I read about this yesterday and it is disgusting that Checkpoint would do something like this >:(

Isn’t the default (and faulty in my opinion) cis behavior to allow outbound requests?


I do not like to laugh at other people’s mistakes, but I can not resist, sorry - maybe it was some sort of internal sabotage in the PR department ;D


I am presently running cis3 on another partition, and i hence cannot check cis5 now (and even if i do, i amended most of the rules).

Nevertheless and if i remember well, and of course not speaking of malware but of supposedly legit windows and third-party software, cis5 e.g. at least allows icmp out in global rules and everything outbound in browser rules, whereas one should be asked what he wants to do with such rules.

I use 3rd firewall because, some malware / awful software changes the inbound policy (of the windows firewall )
some of them even monitors the changes and recover it every a second.
but that can’t change COMODO’s firewall policy, as it protects unauthorized modification from any other program.
it’s one of my reason, and some people can use it for another reason, as COMODO has a lot of cool features ;D

as COMODO is getting easier to use, but at the same time it drops the ‘professional’ configuration feature.
(especially i liked CIS 2.x/3.x’s attack notification, verifying packet integrity, they went away now)
it’s getting more genaralized and automatic.
it’s sad for some power users who knows what they are doing.

here comes $$$ checkpoint ;D

Changed with v4.1 as you can see.

Your point being?

Just notch the firewall up to Custom Policy Mode for your preferences. You will have all the control you want.

Just notch the firewall up to Custom Policy Mode for your preferences. You will have all the control you want.
Done right from the start
Your point being?
One can't state that CIS is better then X or Y (if i didn't it think to be so, i would use X or Y) because it monitors outbound connexions: it is not the default for supposedly safe applications and editors, whereas it definitely should.

How is Symantec different?

1)Zonealarm tries to scare people to pay money…using less than acceptable tactics that borders on “misinformation”
2)Fake AV products scare people to pay money…
3)Symantec tries to scare people by saying only Paid AV is good and tries to get users to spend $$ with them…

What is going on???

Why is Symantec following the same tactics that FAKE AV people are using?


even FBI warns about these scareware…lol
PROTECT YOUR COMPUTER - Don’t be Scared by ‘Scareware’

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So, there is legal ground for lawsuit? !ot!