Funny Private message.

Today I found a new personal message… " So you think your a Geek?"

Just for your information, ***.**.**.*** is NOT my IP <-----Blocked out for obvious reasons by Kyle. The server is correct, so what? ...and that I am using Firefox as a browser, how exactly would that be useful?... So do millions of others!... Even if I`d give you my IP and let you scan me all day, that`s all you could get...well I even said publicly in another post that I am using Firefox. Now if you could tell me what I has on my clipboard or that not ALL my ports are stealth, perhaps I would have been impressed, because I am a computer tech and I do write software for mil apps. Also I go to "Mal sites" just for the heck of it, hell I even deliberatly install their ■■■■ just for the fun of it....does not bother me.... because my system is airtight.... By the way have you ever heard of the Chaos Computer Club in short "CCC" in Berlin?

My reply:

Hey dude lol… Go to I don’t know what your ip address is or your browser etc… it shows YOU what YOUR specs are. NOBODY ELSE.

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That’s a classic (:CLP). It got me the first time I read your sig. Of course that was way back when you first registered

and he said he’s a comp tech :slight_smile:



etc. …

Way to go germans ;D,


By the way have you seen mine?

i don’t use Vista >:(

Ooh you’re upset because your credit card number starts with 3. (:KWL) raids Ganda’s account

Hey who sent that? :THNK

I feel sorry for that person, I got the sign also a while ago… pretty funny when people getting scared thinking they are exposed… in fact they just send out basic ip information… though that private message made my day (:LGH) but still feel sorry for the person… he will know the truth soon… (:WIN)

lol yeah, but it’s those kind of things that keep us on our toes… and give us a laugh :slight_smile: ;D

My grand father was telling me the other day “did you know that when you visit a website they can see a whole bunch of information about your computer?? something called an I.P” He was seriously breaking a sweat over it lol… I was trying to explaiin to him that “I.P basically is just the address of your computer… And without it they don’t know where to send the information to load a page!”
He’s the same person who dumped Nod32 for trend micro… :THNK

Do you think your grandfather has made a good choice with switching to Trend Micro?

A. For him, yes. Because it’s settings are fairly decent out of the box, but if he had of taken the time to ask me or someone else to set it up… Nod32 for sure.

He thought nod was pretty ■■■■, but thats because he just put it on the computer and never set it up, probably wasn’t even up to date with updates. He bought a 3 user license for trend, and gave me a copy, Though after giving it a trail for about 2 days… I dropped it because of the resource usage. Just as an example (Trendmicro Internet Security Pro) is 90-100mb setup file. You could probably compare it to that of Norton… Not quite as much… But close.

It’s a nice program and good for the average\below average user. There are no real tests\comparatives to say how good TrendMicro actually is at detecting/preventing and removing.

Actually Trend Micro is not so bad… they are at least as good as other big anti malware vendors and NOD32 is quit good also, they are always in the top 10 and even in the TOP 5 in independent av comparison researches… As for system resources I would choose for NOD 32…

anyways the important thing here is that your grandfather is well protected against internet threats, as you said trend micro has standard good configuration compared with NOD 32, maybe it was not a bad decision…

ok, Have a nice day!!!

triple x, can you please provide a link where Trendmicro has been tested? I did not know that it has.

yes sure buddy, I upload something now right away (:WIN) just save the files as an html file

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This is no longer funny :-TD and !ot!

Thanks for that :slight_smile:

You know what to do and you excel at it. ;D

I leave it to the lockmaster Josh for locking, but doing the splis I’ve been lazy lately :-. Gotta stretch my legs.