funny popup ?


I get this popup often today and I block it all the time but I have no idea what it is and if I should block it ? Any cpf expert willing to shed some light ?

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Hi, svchost is a system process. It should be allowed and safe. The OLE is that an application doesn’t have it’s own means of connecting with it’s server so uses OLE to modify say IE explorer. There are cases of Svchost being used by a trojan etc…or duplicated and used to run malicious stuff. If you are secure that you have no viruses\trojans, you should allow and leave this.


Hi Paul

Thanks for your prompt reply. I don’t think I’m infected but you never know that is why I always block popups if I don’t know what they are.Yes, Svchost is allowed here.

Those popups are confusing at times.Like now, I got a popup saying that mirc modified explorer and wants to get out.Thing is I uninstalled mirc so something fishy going on. I blocked the popup (:AGY)

Hi , many times programs leave .exe files that continue to access the internet even after uninstalled. Some very fishy indeed. I would use Agentransack, free. Scan for mirc, find the .exe or instances of mirc and delete it. Always good to do a back up first :wink: You can always go here…

There is also a free tool if you look on the tab at the top for running processes, I don’t know how it works, haven’t \don’t have to use it but you may find it handy. I unfortunately have had to look at processes too often but know many by heart, as well, every time you do an install, check for new processes and keep record so you know what’s running or not. Also, when you run a program, check the processes to see what it brings up, this will keep you in tune and eventually, you won’t need much lookup :wink: Just hit CTRL+ALT+DEL bring up process manager.


Thanks Paul,

Is agent ransack like avafind ?

useful indeed

You are very welcome. I don’t know about avafind but it sounds like it. Agent Ransack is a file finder for the pc. I have used it for years. You may have to show your hidden files for a bit to find the mirc but that’s with most searching utilities. Good luck! Any questions, just ask. :wink: