Funny Freezes at Startup

I have Vista Home Premium, 32bit.

Startup Programs:

Well, when I startup, every once in a while my computer freezes before any startup programs are loaded. Only my mouse can move.

This mostly seems to happen when I turn on my computer, but don’t log in for a while (like an hour or two). So the computer is “half-way on”. :slight_smile:

What’s the full path of : Windows operating system ?



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nah disable it, you don’t need it anyway :).


For some reason I never really paid attention to it…I guess I though it was Windows Vista, but it seems to be something else.

Media Center Tray Applet

Errm yeah, we found that out some posts ago, did your post get corrupted or so ?



I’m not meaning that I’m sure this is not the problem, but that it seems like the “Microsoft OS…” entry is something else than what its name implies. But, when I had some of the freezes before my format, this was never selected for startup.

So are you saying that entry is the “Media Center Tray Applet”? Hmm…

I presume the name implies depending on how much you use the Media center (which Media Center services you run) it will still run even though you have it unticked in startup.

OK, I’ll change it to : I’ve found that out some posts ago ;D

Jeremy, perhaps defragging could help ?


Good idea…

works on getting a defragger installed

For defragging I sujest Ultimatedefrag. I think you will know how to work with it ! :wink:
free version :
there is also a shareware version of it which is newer/better :wink:


I like PerfectDisk. ;D

Does it make your system perfect ?


No, but I just like it. ;D

Then why don’t you make your system the ultimate eXPerience ?


When I do it Windows doesn’t startup. 88)