Functional Description of Firewall

Can anyone point me to a functional Description(ie; block diagram/flow chart) of the overall operation of the Firewall? I’m having a hard time understanding just how all the various parts come together and am not a Firewall geek. Thanks.

What? You want me to do your final paper for you?


CIS is a statefull packet filtering host-based firewall that is Win server 2003 compatible. By definition that makes it an IPS/IDS. By definition it will be WinXP 64 compliant also. I’m not going to say more than that; your research skills are a bit lame.

Here is a bit more information.

Rules in general are read top-down.

Incoming traffic will first go through Global Rules and then through Application Rules. If you are running a p2p client or a server and need an open a port for incoming traffic; that is done under Global Rules. Second step is to make the proper application rule.

Outgoing traffic first goes through the Application Rules and then through Global Rules. The access to the web by programs is handled by Application Rules.

The Global Rules are default stealth for unsolicited incoming traffic. You can make exceptions in Global Rules. The Global Rules allow for outgoing traffic (we do want to access the web in the first place; we block or allow individual rules with Application Rules).

I hope this gives a bit of an idea.

Thanks. Am I correct in assuming that if a rule that “allows” or “asks” does not exist, whatever is requested is blocked both in and out?

I am not quite sure what you mean. Can you describe the situation you are thinking about more clearly?

I guess I’m trying to understand the firewall in general terms. Assuming a new installation set to proactive, Is it true that If no rules are created by me and if when asked I deny access then nothing gets in or out of the computer?

When you also set the Firewall Behaviour Settings to Custom Policy you will be alerted for every application including safe applications. With the Firewall Behaviour Settings set to the default Safe Mode CIS will make rules for files Comodo deems safe.