Fully virtualized process without running virtkiosk.exe?

Hi folks.

Does anybody know how can I run a fully virtualized process without running virtkiosk.exe (only cmdvirth.exe)?

In the same way that when we run the virtualized browser from the Widget. In my case this creates cmdvirth.exe process that is much lighter than virtkiosk.exe. But any other program (like Thunderbird), even running from the context menu “in Sandbox”, runs the virtkiosk.exe process and I would like to know if there is any way to avoid it. In my laptop Virtkiosk.exe increases the CPU consumption to a level where the fan noise is annoying.

Sorry about my english. I expect you can understand my explanation.


i dont think this is possible. virtkiosk.exe is needed to run processes virtualized

Ok wasgij6.
Thanks for your answer.

Could you tell me what Fully Virtualized Processes are running when you run a browser from the Widget ?
In my case I have several “dragon.exe”, two “svchost.exe” and one “cmdvirth.exe”. No process virtkiosk.exe.
That´s exactly I’m looking for.