Fully virtualized browsing.

Hello Comodo staff!

I want to know if there is any way to save my browsing history, bookmarks, etc, in my CID before i reset the sandbox and lose everything I’ve done in my fully virtualized session?

Thank you.

Technically yes…

Basically all files in the FV sandbox are saved in [b]C:\VTRoot[/b] (hidden folder) if you can identify the correct files you can move them from that directory to the “real” system (i.e outside of [b]C:\VTRoot[/b])

Hi Sanya IV Litvyak!

C:—>VTRoot—>HarddiskVolume1—>Windows—> System32(empty folder)

Do you see my problem?

I’m unable to see any CID folder/file inside the C:\VTRoot\ directory :-\

Is that the only folder you have? So you don’t have something like a [b]C:\VTRoot\HarddiskVolumeX\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla FireFox[/b] or anything similar to that? In that case the data is most likely gone, did you perform a reset?

Yes, i have performed a reset and made a new fully virtualized session like 5 hours ago.
all I wanted to know is how to save my browsing history and bookmarks before i perform a not so near future reset.

thanx :azn:

Well the data should be in the [b]C:\VTRoot[/b] folder as long as you have launched FireFox at least once after the last reset.

Basically here is a timeline or something:

[ol]- Start FireFox in the FV sandbox.

  • Do what you want in FireFox.
  • When you’re done, navigate to [b]C:\VTRoot[/b] and locate the proper files/folder (I don’t know which are correct as I don’t user FireFox)
  • Copy these files to the place where they are supposed to be on the system, for example it could perhaps be [b]C:\Program Files (x86)\Mozilla FireFox[/b] or something like that.[/ol]

Everything fine until step 3.

Ice dragon folders are not created in C:\VTRoot, even if a open or shut the browser in FV, it’s so weird, huh?

Never mind, maybe i have messed something up, might be bug :S

Anyway, i’ll figure out how to save my browsing history otherwise later, since i have my bookmarks synced with FVD Speed dial + EverSync my browsing history is not a big deal ATM.

Thanks :wink:

Hi Sigfrid,
On Win 7 and earlier using caution you have to un-check the ‘Hide protected operating system files (Recommended)’ option to see user profiles in the VTRoot folder.
Please only un-check that option at your own risk as it makes all critical operating system files visible.

Kind regards.

It worked! thank you : ;D

I didn’t even know that. :-[ Thought it just needed normal hidden folders showing, obviously I was wrong. 88)

Yeah me too, i completely missed that part xD

Good to hear that is sorted. :-TU

Kind regards to you both.