Fullscreen apps (games) minimize 7 minutes after start up of the OS.

Hello, (pardon for my poor English)

I have this very weird problem, when I start up my computer and play any game, approximately 7 minutes later the game minimizes to the taskbar.
First I thought of it as a minor inconvenience, because I could easily activate it again by clicking on it in the taskbar. But since the problem persists for several months now, it started to annoy me.

So I thouroughly scanned for virusses of any kind, thinking it might be a virus, but even after cleaning my system as good as I possibly can, the problem didn’t go away.
Then I tried looking on the internet, I found several topics about minimzing applications, but nothing that related to my specific problem.

Then I started analysing the taskmanager, looking for a suspicious process (they all look suspicious to me, lol). Having the taskmanager opened and see if there was anything out of the ordinary running when the game would minimize, but also here I didn’t come any further to solving the problem.
Meanwhile there where new drivers for some of my hardware (sound and LAN), installed those, also no luck with those.

Next thing I could do was turning off background applications, so doing that 1 by 1 the problem stopped when I turned off Comodo Internet Security.
Well then, that is what brings me here. I wasn’t sure where to put it on the forum (firewall, anti-virus or defense+), but because I had the problem too when I had just the comodo firewall and defense+ (I used avast antivirus before I chose to go for the full CIS package).

I still find it strange though that there wasn’t a topic of it on this forum already, so I’m still only guessing that I have found the cause of the problem.
Another thing I like to point out is that recently I re-installed Windows XP (32 bit) and Windows Vista 64 bit in a dual boot configuration. On both OS I run Comodo Internet Security, but I only have the minimization problem on Windows Vista.

I also want to say that I have tried it with several games (Grand Prix 4, Project Torque, Superbike 2000, War Rock, etc.) and they all minimize appr. 7 mins after start up of Vista.
If I start a game more than 7 mins. after start up of Vista no minimization takes place, so apparently it happens only once.
I’m pretty sure of the 7 minutes by the way, I timed it with a stopwatch several occasions. ;D

Here is the extra information of my computer:

cfp.exe X64 version:

CIS version: 3.8.65951.477

CPU: AMD Phenom 9550 64 bit

OS: Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit (NL or dutch), servicepack 1

UAC: Disabled

If CIS is the cause I hope all this info will help. Thanks in advance if you read all this.

Hallo Evil Bert, dat poor English valt best mee :wink:

Looks like CIS is stealing you window focus with an alert or systray message that will force the Game to minimize apparently. Is it exact 7 minutes every time ? Can you try to set the Firewall to disabled only and see if the problem persists ? If not it’s probably a firewall alert, otherwise there is still Defense+ of a systray balloon message left as other possible disturbers.

Yes it’s always after 7 minutes plus or minus 2 seconds, but that’s about it.
I tried what you said, I disabled the firewall, but it still happened.
Then I disabled defense+, it still happened.
Then I disabled antivirus, it still happened.
Then I disabled the firewall, defense+ and antivirus, it still happened.
Only when I completely turn CIS off the problem did go away.

Can you tell me how you “completely turn CIS off” ?

Well, I right click on the CIS icon in the system tray and select exit.

That only exits the GUI. You are still protected even without the GUI.

I didn’t know that, I thought CIS was completely turned off.
I just turned the GUI off then, but it still does solve the minimization problem.

I think it’s best to wait for 3.9.x (beta) to arrive, and give that a try.
If the problem still exists, please report back so we can post a bug report for it.