Full system scan to be fully protected, why?

don’t forget : in the some versions, Comodo offers “virus-Fee Guarantee” (up to $500) or “ID Theft Protection” (up To $15,000). So I think that a thorough initial testing of the system is essential to validate these guarantees.

That’s right, but I was talking about the free version. :wink:
Excuse me if that wasn’t clear.

All versions are the same, you get same protection with free and paid versions! That is another reason why you need full scan in free version too!

No, Camille Case was talking about the “virus-Fee Guarantee” and “ID Theft Protection” that are not available in the free version of CIS. :wink:

But thats the only difference between free and paid versions, everything else is the same (scan, protection,…etc)!

Any moderators / developers here to share their thoughts?

That is the whole point of CIS, the security is identical and you can choose to pay for extras if you want them.

The program cannot work differently for different classes of users.

And that’s why there is no correct way that would satisfy all users. Personally I think that an initial full scan is no big deal and makes me feel comfortable. It’s unreasonable to expect Comodo to declare your PC safe if it hasn’t been given the opportunity to check.

Why do you make such a rush from this scan! It needs to be done only once and even if it takes an hour or 2 hours it’s not a Greek tragedy! I do it always and feel better after scanning my PC even knowing that it’s clean

I agree with CIS to ask for full scan to show system is fully protected. Human can only detect active malware. While CIS full scan can detect malware that reside in your pc but not doing anything.

Anyway, you can cut the scanning time by not scanning archive file. Better yet, just exclude your whole drive from scanning.