Full system scan to be fully protected, why?

The following was the case in CIS 4.1, and is still the case in the CIS 5 beta version.

Why do you always have to do a full system scan before Comodo will tell you that you are protected?
I think it’s ■■■■ annoying, it takes a lot of time and system resources…
And if you already know that your system is clean, it’s the most useless thing you can do.
Why not let the user choose to perform a full system scan or not?

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Yeah, i hate that when programs do it like this. But after you perform it, it’s permanent. What’s worse is when program changes status to warning again after 14 or 30 days. AVIRA used to do that so you had to perform a full system scan periodically, otherwise you had to look that ■■■■ warning. Annoying.

I think full scan isn’t very long, about 20-30 minutes. It’s very important, because it can find some hidden malware.

Feel the same. I think MSE does that the same (require on-demand scanning…).

Full scan is very important, just to be completely protected AV has to know that your computer is clean and therefore requires to be done Ful Scan!

But all the time?
I think it could alert for the first one…

[at]rogerg2: Right? :stuck_out_tongue:

[at]RejZoR: Seriously? That’s just unbelievable!

[at]miloszcz: About 20-30 minutes? For me it took 3 hours and then it got stuck, so I still get the “You haven’t performed a full scan yet!” message… So ■■■■ annoying!

[at]Tech: Thank you. :slight_smile:
And no, I’ve used MSE for a while. After the installation you don’t even have to reboot your computer. It just starts updating and then you’re set, no mandatory scans and stuff.

[at]jovan111p: Okay, I can understand you, but I don’t think that your security status should depend on whether you have performed a full system scan or not. It should be the customer’s choice to perform one or not.

[at]jovan111p: Okay, I can understand you, but I don't think that your security status should depend on whether you have performed a full system scan or not. It's the customer's responsability.

You can’t ask the software to show safe status if the disk is already crippled when the software is installed.
The “customer responsability” stops where the “software responsability” starts.

Good point, but I still think that the customer knows best when to perform a full scan. The software shouldn’t decide that for you. If you know that your pc is clean -like in my case- then it’s a waste of time. If your “disk is already crippled” it’s a must. The software has no idea how badly -if at all- your computer is infected.

What you are really saying is that: you don’t want CIS to tell you if your computer is safe or not - you know that it is good and couldn’t care less what CIS thinks. But you also seems to want to hear that “your system is fine” from CIS. A full system scan can help expose threats that was present when you installed CIS. And if you badly want to hear that CIS thinks your system is fine then a scan is needed.

CIS don’t force you into doing a full system scan. If you are really confident that your system is clean then fine - ignore the CIS warnings. But CIS really need to “scan” to tell that it’s all fine. IMO CIS should keep this alert, the advanced users are smart enought to know they can ignore it - while those who isn’t that advanced will hopefully do a scan (witch they often badly need).

Not, that should not be your choice, because if the PC has been infected, you would not be guilty, but Comodo. Certainly you would not say to yourself that you are wrong, but would spread abroad that Comodo is not good. Do not misunderstand me when I say “you”, its generally speaking.
I think it is for everyone’s good, that is required Ful Scan!

How do you mean “All the time”? Its only once, when you install him!

But why doesn’t Comodo do it like MSE? MSE automatically updates when you run it for the first time, and then it silently starts scanning the critical areas of your computer in the background. Security status remains green until a potential threat has been detected. Perhaps Comodo could recommend a full scan after many (potential) threats are detected. That’s way better than forcing every single user to perform a full scan…

Because every Av have their way and Comodo think that this is better solution and I agree!

But there will always be users that disagree with those “ways”, and that’s why I started this topic. :wink:

Why? It’s just once and you’re safer that way. As much as that lasts at least you know you’re safe, if you had a virus and not scanned, you can not blame Comodo.


What do you mean “force”? It doesn’t force you to do anything. For CIS to tell you that you are secure it has to know, it can’t know without scanning. One more thing, if Comodo didn’t do this you would have people all over the forums screaming that CIS had let something through…something that was already present on the system before CIS was ever installed. This is elementary to me, I don’t see what the big deal is. 88)

We’re not saying we don’t care of what Comodo says about the computer. We care.
But asking a permanent scanning from time to time and changing the computer status is another thing.

Oopps, sorry, my fault. I’ve thought the status changes with the time and another scanning is needed. I agree about the first scanning.

Good suggestion in my opinion.

yeah I have never done a full scan on my real machine , simply " I don’t need it " … !

I would love to have an option to ignore or skip this full scan kind of thing