Full system scan hangs part way through

I have recently downloaded and installed CAV 1.1beta and applied the latest updates on my Windows XP Professional SP2 system. When I attempt a full system scan, it seems to get part-way trhough and then appears to stall indefinitely on a particular folder. When I saw this happen, I aborted the scan, rebooted the PC, deleted the folder (C:\Documents and Settings\daveg\My Documents\From Clive) and restarted the scan.
This second scan got further, but once again the scan stalled, this time at a different folder, so once again I’ve aborted the scan.
Is this a known problem that has already been fixed?
I’ve seen the post by another forum user which suggested that running CCleaner fixed his/her problem, but I don’t think this is the right solution.
Any info/suggestions you can give me?

Hi and welcome to the forums (:WAV)

Yes it is a known bug.
It has be fixed at the latest beta “CAVS Beta”. But I don’t recomend you to install it on a productive pc. It has most bugs fixed but it can cause problems if you are not an advanced user.

The simpliest workaround on version 1.1 is to add that folder at the exclusions list :wink:

Thanks Pandlouk,

I’m not sure what you would classify as an advanced user, but if 15 years software development for Windows and 5 years Windows systems administration (servers, networks, desktops, laptops etc.) qualifies me, then I’d be interested to know more about the later beta version.


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For installing the latest beta check here

ps. Please also check the bugs reports https://forums.comodo.com/index.php/topic,4363.0.html
and if yoi have another antivirus and/or HIPS apps installed deactivate their on-access scan engines. Or you will have to deal with BSODs. :wink: