Full Solution for BoClean-BitDefender Conflict

As discussed in some closed threads, newer versions of BitDefender cause BoClean 4.25 to hang on shutdown. Unless I mis-read, the resolution was simply to avoid having this program combination. But I have uncovered a solution that allows use of both programs, and thought I’d pass along.

Last night I upgraded from BitDefender Antivirus v. 9.5 to v. 2008 on my XP Home SP2 system. I then noticed BoClean hanging on system shutdown. My immediate suspicion was the BitDefender upgrade, which I quickly confirmed by Googling and finding this forum (which has a lot of useful info, BTW).

Anyway, after a little experimentation I noticed that the shutdown problem doesn’t occur when BoClean is started up manually, instead of via the “Automatically Start BoClean at Bootup” option in the BoClean configuration menu.

So I decided to try the following, and it very nicely solved the problem: I unchecked the BoClean Auto-Start checkbox. Then I put a shortcut to BOC425.EXE (which for me is located in C:\Program Files\Comodo\CBOClean) into the folder C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\Startup.

Result: Even though auto-start remains unchecked in the BoClean configuration, BoClean still starts automatically at bootup, but no longer hangs at shutdown. No changes were required to BitDefender. Everything now seems to be working just as smoothly as it was prior to the BitDefender, ahem, upgrade.

Hope this helps anyone facing the same issue.

Edit: Of course I can’t be sure this would work with other versions of BitDefender 2008. Again, I have only the AntiVirus product, and chose to disable several of the newer BitDefender features such as antiphising and identity control. But if you’re having the BoClean hangs on shutdown issue, it’s worth a shot.