Full screen problem

I dont know if this is was already post but here it goes.

Yesterday when running a recently installed application in full screen D+ blocked my PC by not letting anything access anything and a hard shut down was necessary to restart PC

In D+ settings I had “Computer Monitor” checked.

To run the application I had to change D+ mode to Training Mode (Before was in Clean PC mode), and after that everything was ok.

My sys
Windows Vista SP1
Ati Raedon
No other security software

I have been having this same problem, and only recently identified it as coming from Comodo - basically all newly installed applications are going to blackscreen on launch. Both my monitors will black out, no sound will play, and I will have to reboot to clear the issue. After I saw your post I also switched Defense+ to Training Mode and am now able to run these applications.

Hi guys and welcome to the forum.

Defense+ is, by default, set to “Clean PC Mode” which means that it treats any newly installed applications / files as Untrusted. You can review these files by clicking on “waiting for review” under Defense+ part of the main window. You can, from there, purge the list to show only files still on your system that ar untrusted. You can Add specific files to your “Own Safe Files” and you can remove them from the list.

It is recommended when running some programs to put Defense+ in Training Mode so that CIS can learn the program processes. Leaving the Firewall Element in “SAFE MODE” will stil protect you from any inbound/outbound connections.