Full screen detection.

I’ve been using Comodo for a while.

I play online and offline game I’ll saying about online games

This game playing with full screen and after I type a ID and Password

Note : I am not a game player that disable security apps before playing.

when I entered a gme it’s automatically switch to 800*600 pixel

And Comodo displayed another popup and I can’t choose to allow it.
I must press Alt+Tab to desktop and answer the popup,
Finally I can’t play games after answer the popup and it said “Can’t connect to server” :(.
I need to relogin that game again.

Full screen detection available in outpost Firewall (both free and paid version),
It will ask for switch to “entertainment mode” and temporary allow request most.

Comodo should have this feature in the future for game player or user that’s use full screen application (Presentation, Movie or Full screen browsers)



Norton also has this feature.


This has been talked about for a long time, and If i went on Yotube and selected fullscreen i would not be protected.

There are some flaws with fullscreen detection.

If you’re talking about fullscreen disabling security then I would say no. The Norton fullscreen detection only suspends autoupdates and other things that might impact game performance. The firewall, AV, and everything else is still active.


Ok let me add another choice.
in full screen mode the user will choose Firewall or D+ to be “Temporary Allow or Block” request.

By not disable AV, FW and D+.

Lost protection whne play games can make your password stolen.
And some game player don’t care about this (Except me)

Sounds reasonable to me.