Full Screen Applications & Comodo Alerts

Hi Guys,
I think that I was reading something in regards to Alerts fired when running full screen apps, but as I remember it was about games. I am not a game player but we all have a few full screen aware apps. apart from games (Presentation Software like PowerPoint etc., for example)
Recently I was running Cooliris (indeed cool(!), as a matter of fact). Got Comodo Alert. The latter was brought onTop, which is good and correct, but when I wanted to look-up the Application link info - that one appeared to be hidden behind. That is not a big problem probably. I minimized the main Application window.
It would be batter though if all Alerts and related windows are forced to be displayed onTop. I think that I’ve seen the main Alert hidden as well in the past.
It is not a bug report or something, but rather suggestion for developers to look at this issue closer when and if they find some time. (sure I am dreaming … what time? spare time? :))
My regards