Full scan Take a ridiculously short amount of time

Hiya there

I just did a complete re-install today of my OS, as part of that re-install I put Comodo CISP 6.1.275152.2801 on.

I have selected a ‘FULL’ scan from the scan menu, and it only takes 2 minutes 30 seconds to scan over 14 GB date (including the OS and all Programs) now I’m no expert but i don’t believe any scanner can do it that quickly. I have tried re-starting the computer and scanning again… but with the same result

Is there a way to tell what’s happening?


This is the caching mechanism at action. When CIS sees a safe file it will cache the file so it doesnt have to scan it over and over. Iv seen a quick scan take 5 seconds so this is normal.

Yes thanks for that, it makes sense as the scan were close together :slight_smile:


No problem. If you have any more questions let us know.