Full scan. Sure... if you have a cpouple of weeks to spare

Maybe I’m just in over my head here, but anyway… this is the situation:

After making a fresh install of XP I decided to try an alternative AV prog than my “standard” Symantec. A Full System Scan seemed like a good idea, emphasis on the past tense. After about 2 hours, 2.280 files are scanned. If I extrapolate thet over all my drives it will literally be weeks before it’s done.

So the question is: What am I doing wrong here? The Symantec full scan on the exact same config takes about 2 hours to complete. Now I’m not even halfway through disk 1 :slight_smile:


CAVS scans 58,000 files in about 20 minutes on two pc’s I have it on.

Did CAVS complete the safelist database creation after re-boot?

Have you selected the incremental scan for safe files in advanced settings?

Also, make sure the box is not ticked for creation of troubleshoot log.


It did complete the db creation. Otherwise I have done nothing but select the full scan since that was recommended. 2 hours and 23 minutes now and a whopping 2.824 files scanned… what’s wrong?

Is there any other hard drive activity going on in the background? Is the hard drive running in PIO mode? Do you have the latest drivers for your disk controller installed?

I had the same problem. CAVS is the absolute slowest scanning AV solution I have ever seen. It takes upwards of 10 hours to scan my system, when I’m used to seeing around an hour using any of the three on demand scanners I have at my disposal. (and yes, only one of them is set to actively scan my system. The others are just for a second opinion)

Yes, the DB did it’s thing. I had the incremental option checked, I even sent however many gigabytes of data from files it found that it was unaware of to Comodo for inspection and addition to the safelist.

I ended up having to uninstall the software because that is just an unreasonable amount of time for a scan of only 23GB of data, especially when the software brags about faster scans than ever.

AMD64 X2 Dual core 4200+, 2GB RAM, Win XP Media Center Edition SP2.

Remember CAVS is currently a BETA so there will be issues with it. And I’m sure this slow scan issue will be fixed in CAVS final version :slight_smile: (R)

I never had problems of time scanning with CAVS.

Anything, it seems me between more swift than I have ever experienced!!!

I believe that if there are these types of problems are had to other software installed on the computer that provoke interference to CAVS.

I cite a screenshot of how much employs CAVS to do a scanning on my computer: 47.875 files in alone 17 minutes!!!

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yeiazel is correct, there has to be some other process that is interfering with CAVS to cause this problem. Perhaps if you could post a screenshot listing your running processes whilst CAVS is scanning we may be able to figure out what is happening.


I realize that CAVS is beta. I’m just reporting that I had the same issue with slow scanning. I’m going to wait for the next release to give it another try. Anybody have any idea when that may be?

Hopefully the next beta will be released sometime this month - then it is a matter of ‘ironing out the wrinkles’ before final release. Hopefully this will not take too long.