Full Scan Crashes Computer

I also have to say that the problem was not corrigido (crash in Win 8 x86 systems during scans fixed).

My system is crash during Full Scan (6.2.285401.2860), foreground and background.

my pc is:
Windows 8 ‎(X86)‎
Processor Intel Core i7 2600K 3.40 GHz
MB ASUS P8P67-M Rev X.0x (bios 3608 - 11/10/2012)
8 GB memory DDR3 - ( 2 x Corsair de 4 GB)
NVIDIA GeForce GTS 450.

Does it crash to a purple screen. If not, what symptoms are you experiencing which make you believe you are experiencing the same bug as raggansta?


I installed CIS yesterday (I disabled all modules avast internet security 8), and even then my computer was ok (never failed).
When running full scan, google chrome after a few minutes starts to get slow and does not open the sites. After close command google chrome, some of the bar but it keeps popping up in the memory, the pc is frozen as long. Only the mouse fuciona. After a while (~ 5 min), normalizes … but the problem comes back again when browsing with google chrome. (translated via google translator, sorry)

I hope you don’t mind, but I have split your posts and moved them to a more appropriate section of the forum. It’s likely that the issues you are experiencing can be fixed.

Let me first see if I understand the situation correctly. Do you have Avast Free installed and also have CIS installed? If so please uninstall Avast, and run the removal tool for it from this post. It’s possible that what you are seeing is interference, even though all modules of Avast are disabled. Two AV’s on one computer often do not play well together, regardless of which modules are disabled.

Let me know if that solves the problem.


You have avast and you installed CIS on it :o

Yes I have avast installed, but after I installed CIS, I disabled all modules avast internet security.

Ok, uninstalled avast. Now I’m doing full scan. So far, after 12 minutes everything is fine.

Okay. Let me know if you experience any other issues.


Full scan performed successfully. Uninstalling avast solved the “Full Scan Computer Crashes.”

CIS found 13 threats that had undergone “avast internet security.”


You can see the difference 88) and you will see mate :smiley:

CIS found 13 threats that had undergone "avast internet security."
It was the cracks? ;)

of course it is ;D jenny66 When I turn the CIS after that I learned to use computer without cracks :smiley:

CIS found 13 threats (see list below).


When I turn the CIS after that I learned to use computer without cracks Cheesy
This is an example. (Screen.) P.S. You can all check. For the rest a lot of information on the Internet. There are even on this forum. Thanks.
File Size: 24576 Bytes MD5: 141dab968c1dd58d8f726388eed2e6d1 SHA1: 7ae8abcf4865048d8c658055adc8647f05fef2f3

[attachment deleted by admin]

looks like FP you can send report ?? or you can add this exclusions ?

This is the old data. ~2012
P.S. I do not know exactly where it is found in David1088. ( it is file…exe?)
I think you understand why detection.
David1088 just need to check and send it to the if FP.
This is Win32.MUPX.Gen [at] 129019204, said at the forum in 2011. If I remember correctly. ( this is due from torrents.)


You need to send for here. ( FP)
P.S. Here I found on this forum.