Full Roboform Pro and Dragon

I can run full roboform 7.7.0 in Chrome, with the 7.7.0 extension. How can I use the same extension in Comodo Dragon ?


This is a matter regarding the installation of Robo Form and the way it detects compatible web browsers. Comodo Dragon cannot force detection, unless it is added to the Robo Form supported browsers list.

Thank you for your support.

Have you tried the Roboform Lite version? That worked just fine for me.

I found an entry in the forums with a solution using the developer mode of comodo extensions. This has worked just fine. I did not use Lite as I had over a hundred logins that I wanted to use from a previous Roboform and firefox. Thanks for the replies.

I re-installed Roboform 7.x but it still did not detect Comodo and therefore does not attach to the browser.
I spoke to Heffed and he mentioned that the Roboform installer detected Comodo when he installed it last year. Seems the current RF installer does not do that anymore.

A comment at CNET said there is workaround but never specified what they were.
Anyone know what they are?

I can ask the CD Dev team but would rather not if a known workaround exists etc.
RF Lite is a really poor solution IMHO, often does not fill forms that the full version can fill just fine.

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