Full folder path in desintation [RESOLVED]

Hi, I’m a new user of Comodo backup and it works really well. The only thing I’d like to change so far is that the destination (external hard drive) doesn’t contain the entire folder path, just the folder name at the end of the path.

Eg: If I choose to backup C:\My Documents\My Music, the destination ends up with H:\My Music instead of the entire path of H:\My Documents\My Music.

Is this a setting I can change, as I couldn’t find it?

Thank you. :slight_smile:

Hi Emmskii

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You will not be getting the full path in your backup. I guess this is in case you backup a file such as Outlook Express that is 8 levels down you do not have that huge long backup path. The only way would be to make the destination path ahead of time on the destination drive.

I see that you are using an older version. Try updating to the newest version You will find it here . You may have to uninstall the older one and do a fresh install of the new version.


Hi John,

Thank you for your reply. This would be a nice option to be able to choose if the path is the full path or not. :-\ I’ll see if I can create the path on the destination drive, don’t know if that’s going to work though as I would assume the number of folders I’ve chosen to backup will all go into the destination path I choose… I’ll have a try.

Thanks for the link to the new version, I’ll install it shortly.

Emmskii :smiley: