Full featured Comodo Email Client

How about a full featured Comodo Email Client?

Guess this is an old topic didn’t see the same Topic further down the page…


I voted good idea but would like to see this included into CD, as well an instant messenger to support all IM clients (like Pidgin).


I like Comodo products and have used several of them for a few years now, but I prefer Google Chrome over CD. At present I am using the beta version because there are more features and it is quite a bit faster than CD. GC Version 5.0 beta is nearing release and it is suppose to be even faster. I would really like to see a full featured email client made by Comodo! Don’t really care for IM and don’t use it.

For me is indifferent I only use web mail, and I love it.

well, call me what you like, but i am a incredimail user. -just love that funny stuff. Would be great, if Commodo makes a mailclient, which makes it easy to add animations or create a stationary.

I say bad idea because considering Comodo’s track record with new products, it probably wouldn’t work right until numerous updates and maybe not even then. It may even damage the system like other things have done (CTM & CSC). The only Comodo product that ever lasted more than an hour on my machine was CIS but now even that is gone after about 11 months. I was greatly disappointed with v4, especially the horrible sandbox addition and beyond that, I just became unenamored of any HIPS based application. I just don’t want to see any more alerts about actions being taken by safe things and have to react to them.