Full backups only ??? No incremental or differential ?

Can Comodo Backup do a an incremental or differential ??

This would be usefull if doing a daily backup and a full on sundays.




I’m hardly authoritative on the subject, but the manual, at:


(which is where you are directed when you click the help button in Comodo Backup) after a quick search for both… Only mentions “incremental” once, in relation to doing backups using a Comodo Online Backup Account… and it doesn’t mention “differential” at all.


Incremental/differential backups will be introduced in the next release.


The differential/incremental back up is a much needed feature so the program will be complete. I am very pleased with what it does as is but backing weekly around 10GB of data when only few megabytes were changed is a bit of waste of network bandwidth.

Any estimation on when the future release is due?

Thank you very much,

There is no concrete timeline for future releases, but the Backup development team are very responsive.

My guess would be maybe the end of February, possibly a bit earlier.

Ewen :slight_smile:

that is good news. thanks!

I’m just watching this post, anxiously awaiting incremental / differential. Any possible update?


I’m sure it won’t be long before this is put into action with a new release, and the staff working on this may comment.

Still no definitive news. Patience grasshoppers, patience. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Thanks for the updates mods ;D Looking forward to the next release.

March 16! Any update to new release date?! I feel that once incremental ftp backup is available, this may very well be the best backup program available!

End of next month has been mentioned, but this is not set in stone. All software relase schedules should be considered elastic and prone to change.

It’ll come when it’s ready and (hopefully) be ready when it comes. :wink:

Ewen :slight_smile:

Bump for April 6th, I heartily agree with the quoted statement.

not without a boot disk it wont.

Most likely, the release will come out at the beginning of the next month

The first post I have found on incremental backups was back in 2007, and it was supposed to be comming in the next release

Are you telling me Comodo still doesnt provide for incremental backups???

How can this product be so “popular” and “highly rated” without an incremental option??

Am I missing something???

Incremental backups were introduced in a version of Comodo Backup V1 some time after July 2007. Comodo Backup was released in 2009 and incremental backups are scheduled to be implemented in the next release which is, hopefully, due at the end of April - mid May.

How can this product be so "popular" and "highly rated" without an incremental option??

Am I missing something???

You, like all of us, are missing incrementals. :wink: Incremental backup is, IMHO, one of the two major omissions in Backup V2, the other being writing backups as a session to CD-R or DVD-R disks. There are many waiting on the incremental feature to be included.

The application framework and current functionality set is sufficient that I can wait, but I don’t want to wait too long.


Have just installed some NASes here and checking what the best backup sw is. Now everybody is keen on Comodo Backup.

Is incremental backup supported in the latest version? If not a weekly backup of 500 GB would be time and network intensive :slight_smile:


Great product, would love to see incremental / differential backups.


Incremental and differential backups are included in V3 of Comodo Backup, but this product is still in BETA.

V3 works but, at the moment, there are issues which would prevent this being used as your data integrity solution. Providing they get the wrinkles out, it’ll be a very, very nice backup app.

Ewen :slight_smile: