Full backup to Synchronized backup

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Can I first run a “full backup”, and after this, transform the same job in a synchronized backup, and so the Comodo Backups starts to update the files?

Is this possible?

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If you do a right click on the backup job and select EDIT, you can change the mode from full to synchronise.

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Hi panic,

And if I do this, Comodo Backup will begin instantly to “update” the ZIP file created before, in “full mode”?

I have another doubts. Can you please help me again?

  1. To use the “synchronized mode”, have I to mark/select the “options ==> settings ==> load at windows startup (all or current users)” option?

  2. What means the “Backup type” option, in backup configuration screen? It is setted as “user backup”, in my current job. Is that correct?

Well, thank you again for all your help. :slight_smile:


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