Full backup fails after new motherboard.

Latest version of CBU.
Vista 32 bit with all updates.

I have the latest version of CBU. It was first installed about 10th June this year and I did a full “Disk, Partions and MBR” backup to an external hard drive. No problems there and the image was “verified”.

I had a power supply failure which took out the motherboard and both were replaced. After, the PC booted OK.

I then downloaded CBU to the PC and commenced to re install evrything. CBU stated that the drive in which I wanted to install was in use and to start after reboot which I did. It also asked me which path? disk0 or disk4. I chose disk0.

All went fine and it took about 4 hours for approx 180Gb to install.

The PC now alternates between the motherboard splash screen and a MS splashscreen, each showing approx 5 secs then changing. This carries on forever.

I appear to have nothing on the BIOS, I think.



You mean the size of the installation folder is 180 Gb?
Or how did you determine that Comodo BackUp installation takes so much disk space?
Please post a list of file(s) that are bigger then 20 MB in CB installation.


Sorry, I must have been in a rush.

The CBU file is 108Gb, as saved on my seperate 500Gb hard drive.