Full access of CIS in "Limited User Account"

I am trying to get CIS to run with full privileges on my limited account. It does run very smoothly without any hiccups, but I get those “need to login as an administrator” message for a few of the operations. Such as the diagnostics tool. I was wondering if it is possible to run the program in it’s full functionality as in on an administrator account?

The Diagnostics and the Export function require Administrative privileges, you can exit the GUI by using exit on the tray icon, wait a few seconds and then use “run as administrator” on the CIS icon if you need them.

There is also a “workaround” posted somewhere that uses a scheduled account with admin privs but i don’t know if you would go through that hassle to make only those 2 things work.

I did, somehow, manage to make it(diagnostics) work in my limited account after screwing with the “access control” settings for a whole day. But I wasn’t sure what exactly I had done so I undid all the changes.

All I want to know is whether I’ll be as secure in a limited account with a few of those functions unavailable? And whether it is the same way in the latest - 3.8 - version. If no, then is not essential?

I wouldn’t want my first line of defence to be more vulnerable in the more safer of the the environments.

Another thing, the cmdagent.exe process doesn’t show in my task manager when running under my limited account. What is the reason for that?

Yes you are safe, the cmdagent is the process that does all the hard work, the cfp.exe is just there to communicate with you, the cmdagent is running system level so it has enough privileges, that’s also the reason you don’t see it on the task manager, you have to select, show processes from all users to be able to see it.