FTP Upload not working


I try to use CB to backup one folder to a FTP server. I keep getting Cant’ Acces /Users/(Local path) to the files.

I use Vista with all the updates. The folder i want to backup is on my desktop. Login to the server is fine.



Maybe there aren’t sufficient access rights granted for that user.


I have the same problem. I am also using Windows Vista, and I am logged in as the Administrator (which is the only account on this machine). Comodo Backup connects to FTP server fine during job setup (for “Synchronized Copy”). However, when I run the job, it says “Cannot access file” for all the local files on my Vista machine. Nothing gets transferred to the remote server.

Also, when I send myself a test email during job setup, I get a message that the email is sent successfully; however, I never do receive this test email. And when I check “send email on job success/failure”, I never receive the email.

Also, if I try to edit a job I’ve already created, I cannot. The “edit” option is greyed out. In fact, the only option that is not greyed out is “remove”.

Also, above I mentioned that Comodo Backup connects to FTP server during job setup for “Synchronized Copy” mode. However, it is unable to connect to the FTP server during job setup for “CBU File” mode; in this case, no matter which folder I select as a destination on the remote server, Comodo Backup gives the error message “Inavlid path. Please provide a valid path for backup”.

I am using Comodo Backup version 2.2.127000.12 (downloaded and installed yesterday). Overall, I find this product full of holes and essentially useless. I regret having downloaded it and spent as much time on it as I have. This product has a LONG way to go before it is remotely useful.

I have the same problem. After I installed the latest version of COMODO Internet Security, the FTP does not work on Total Commander ! How can I solve this problem?

I found the solution for this problem. Just read here.

Or you can translate in english, here.

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