FTP / torrent box not letting the ouside connect

I have a ftp / torrent box members login with ftp then download torrent files and it use to work flawless untill I recently upgraded to the latest version of comodo , I set the ftp program and the torrent program to trusted in the firewall policy and still doesnt want to let the outside in , when I turn off comodo it works fine any ideas ?

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Yay I think i figured this out finally I went into firewall , stealth ports wizard , then went to the second option " Alert me to incoming connections and make my ports stealth on a per case basis " and so far things seem to be working

Thank you for taking the time to post the answer to your own question! I’ve been going nuts the past couple of hours trying to allow incoming connections, and nothing I was doing was working, other than disabling Comodo. I’d not tried this particular option because it sounded as though I’d have to be constantly answering whether or not to allow a connection, but that’s not been the case: it seems to automatically allows connections on the trusted application.

Now I need to copy this answer to a safe place for NEXT time it happens…