ftp server problem

hello, this is my first post… comodo firewall is amazing in features and control but i have a problem with my IIS ftp server… it don´t work in passive mode neither active mode, i have been collecting info about this and it seem that i have to permit incoming TCP connections from port 21 and range 1024 to 65535 to make my ftp in passive mode running… can you help me to make working this without open all ports. thanks

Hello indigenica

You should be able to specify which ports you want your passive ftp server to open, and set a rule for just those ports. You will have to tell your ‘clients’ which ports to use, so they can configure their software to use the ports you have defined.

Its the nature of passive ftp…


Thanks Toggie, can you recomend me a ftp server and client to make it? because i don´t know how to specify the passive port range in IIS 5 and win xp built-in ftp client… Thanks

Hi indigenica.

There is an article here:


That describes how to set the port range in IIS.

If you using the command line client, then you enter:


Where is the IP address of the server and 111 is the port number you wish to connect to.

For alternatives:

Apache - http://httpd.apache.org/
Filezilla - FileZilla® download | SourceForge.net

Both free :slight_smile: