FTP Server not accessible anymore after update


after updating to the most recent version of CIS, i am not able to access my ftp server on my home system from my global ip anymore. Port forwarding and firewall rules on my hardware router are perfectly fine but CIS blocks any traffic from outside the LAN on my machine. Only turning off the CIS firewall makes my ftp server address and port visible to any external ftp clients. Internal access works just fine. I couldnt find out why. Any ideas? Even after setting all access to any port and address on the ruleset for IP, TCP, UDP didnt change anything and the CIS is still blocking anything die hard style. Am i missing anything here?

Thanks in advance



You’ll have to Open the port in the firewall Global rules as well as a rule for the listening ftp server process under application rules.

Incoming traffic → Global rules → Application rules


Outgoing traffic → Application rules → Global rules

Perfect, that was the Solution! Thank you!



I have the same issue with ftp server on my home windows 10. The ftp is accessible only when firewall is disabled. What should I do with “Application rules” and “Global rules”? For what application should be open a port?