ftp - get directory

i am completely new to cfp, just installed version

i have to access a remote server often via ftp (using total commander 7). ftp access works, but once online, total commander can not rebuild the directory, unless i disable cfp.

what can i do?

many thanks, gerhard

Do you get any firewall messages under common tasks/view firewall events? Take a look at the ftp logon and see if it includes a “PASV”. There is also usually a subprogram of things like total commander that needs to be allowed ftp client access. What firewall rules are you using for Total Commander and its subprogram?

thanks, sded, ttc infact has a tick box labelled “use passive mode for transfers (like www browser)”. this obviously does the trick.

re firewall rules: so far i am still in the learning mode … and haven’t really understood what i’d have to do to establish rules …

ciao, and thanks again,

Glad you were able to work it out. :slight_smile: