FTP copy paste from windows explorer folder

Evening All.

I used to be able to FTP straight from my folders in windows straight to my web server folder which I have found the easiest and quickest for frequent changes (and no file size limits like some FTP software). For some reason I havent been able to do that, or in fact FTP at all from this laptop. I havent needed to for a while so its a bit hazy when i last did.

I eventually figured out (today) that as I have been just using the windows firewall (my router has one too), it is not very flexible in allowing custom access for specific applications although I’m sure it is meant to be but I havent had any luck, so I read a suggestion that installing a personal firewall would do the trick. I’ve used Zonelabs ZoneAlarm before which was ok, but Comodo looked just as good and not as memory hungry as ZA which is important as this laptop doesnt have much.

So I installed it and yep, I’m now able to send files through FTP software, but I can only copy and paste from explorer if I open up the FTP software first ! If I just open up the ftp page folder on my server and try and paste a file in, it just hangs like before.

Does anyone know how I can set this up so that I can paste straight from windows explorer? I had a look at the rules but that doesnt seem to have worked, but this app is new to me so I might not be doing it correctly !! I hope this makes sense - I’ve waffled on a bit so I hope it does !!



Anyone got any ideas on this?

Still cant figure it out !!