FTP causes blank files on the server

I noticed this thread:


and saw reply#14. This seems to be what happend to me as well and I wonder if we have the same problem.

I have been using Terrapin (v2.3.2) (www.tpin.com) to upload for many years and haven’t changed any settings. I recently moved over to CPF since when my ftp uploads haven’t worked.

The upload seems to go OK, and the files are all on the server but they are all size 0kb and completely empty. I have turned off CPF and the uploads then work OK so I assume it is CPF causing a problem. Had a look through the CPF control panel to see if anything obvious but don’t feel safe ticking and unticking boxes without knowing what it all means!

Think I’ve got the most recent version of CPF: version

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Can you please post the logs of the CFW? It will help us understand where is the problem.