FTP Backup not removing deleted files

I’m trying to do a backup to ftp. When I delete a file from my source directory should it not also delete it from the destination when the “Backup Mode - Move with deleting other than source files” option is picked?

Am I reading this wrong: https://forums.comodo.com/faq_for_comodo_backup/what_are_the_main_backup_modes_that_comodo_backup_supports-t14292.0.html

I have tried everything I can think of to get this to work with no success. Any ideas?

Hi CJ_Printer

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I just did some tests to confirm what you have tried for Comodo Backup.

Here is what I found for move with deleting other than source files:
I had one folder with four files in source, all were moved from source to destination.
I deleted one file leaving three files in one folder in source, fourth file was also deleted in destination.

I put two folders with four files each in source, all were moved from source to destination.
I deleted one file in each folder of source, first folder in destination was reduced to three files, second folder was also reduced to three files.

This appears to have worked correctly for me.

The only difference is that I did not backup to ftp. Could you do a test with the same setup you have now and move to another folder rather than ftp? That would show us whether the ftp part of the “backup to” setup is the one that is not working correctly. What version of Comodo Backup do you have? The latest is


Hi JJasper

Thanks for the reply!

I’m using version

I found the exact same results as you describe on both local & networked drives, but over ftp if I delete a file from the source & backup the destination does not update. I even tried using the sync option, with the same results as you describe here.

I was able to come up with a work-around by writing an AutoHotkey (http://www.autohotkey.com/) script to open my ftp application, connect, delete all files in the destination folder, wait for complete deletion, & close my app. I’m currently running this as an external task & waiting for it to complete, before the backup starts. This will work for now, but it takes at least twice as long as it could. I’m dealing with over 30 gig.

I really like this app, & will keep using it the way I am, but it would be nice if it would just handle it all without the extra effort.

BTW: In my original question I said I was using “Move,” I’m actually using “Copy.” Sorry for any confusion.

Thanks again for the responce!

Hi CJ_Printer

I tested it with “copy” as well as with “move” just in case you meant copy Same conclusion. It looks like we may have a bit of a bug with the ftp backup option. I like the app as well and will continue to use it even with its limitations. As far as I am concerned it is the best free backup that I have found and I think I have tried them all.

I’m glad you came up with a work around that will at least get you by until we get another updated version. Updates seem few and far between but Comodo assures us they have developers working on it.

Could you post in the bug list and make a link back to here. Hopefully the devs. will check out the buglist at least.


Yes, “copy” is what I ment.

I agree, Comodo Backup is the best freeware I’ve found yet.

I posted a link back here in the bug list. I guess we’ll see…


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