FTP access only

On CIS 7.0.315459.4132

I’d like to give an application access to FTP on port 21, but no other internet access. Is that possible, and if so how?

Thank you.

i suppose that yes but why not close all the port and allow only one or find a soft which will do it for you.
it is interesting ; i am going looking for a answer on the net.

i have not found something clear except "exception"and “add port” or “allow” rules ; it will be a little bit neat if you give the name of the application _ anyway if it is ftp why it will open at http (no other internet access) ?

Is that possible, and if so how?
i wonder if your application has not yet a setting to configure yet that !
set up an application for only working in ftp mode ?
is it right ?

someone else better competent than me will answer to you soon.