I like Comodo Firewall Pro as it gives me more freedom than Norton ever did but I am constantly finding myself having to make decisions on pop ups were I don’t understand their purpose and I can’t enjoy my web surfing due to all these pop ups, please tell me the team are putting in place a bigger and self updating whitelist and more options for set and forget users :’( :’(

I believe that the firewall should have periodic updates to allow it to keep up with the latest programs and files that access the internet

v3 has a realtime update and much less popups… wait for the final version it will be set and forget.


Thanks Melih I hope its released soon and if it does have updates periodically then thats great, for now I have to struggle on till salvation arrives :slight_smile:

Great! Exactly what some participants in this thread need, and the large mass.


there is fine line between security and usability and more often than not, security does comprimise usability. However we don’t believe it should! and we have built our v3 firewall to showcase that. CFP v3 will be a demonstration of security and usability living in harmony!


I’m sure you’re right. You’ve gotten many hundreds, probably thousands, of people to believe in v3 as something truly extraordinary in terms of technology/protection. That’ll please many forum users. I’m just as convinced that it will be perfectly usable for the everyday user too. That’ll please the world. :slight_smile:


Melih when are you Admin normally on the forum?

Also can you estimate when the new version will be out and it would make me happy if the new version was more flexible etc, I would never choose an alternative firewall again if you can do that mate (:AGL)

We totally believe the version we will provide will be flexible and easy to use… and guess what if there is anything missing, you tell us and we put it in :slight_smile: (isn’t that great! (CLY) ).

As to when the final version will be ready… hmm… i shouldn’t say beginning to mid October cos I am still waiting to hear from our dev guys. So I will let you know :slight_smile: