Frustrating problem

The Comodo firewall is probably the best, but there is one glaring problem I and others (from reading other post) are having with it. If you have a program in an encrypted Truecrypt container, Comodo will not remember that the program has been OKed to access the internet and you have to make Comodo allow the program to access the internet every time it is started after a reboot. This makes Comodo a real pain to use. I don’t see any reason for this firewall to delete OKed programs from the the Comodo list just because the drive is not present upon boot. Your firewall is really showing itself to be incomplete and faulty in deleting OKed program records. Now, since this problem has been around for such a long time, I am sure that you will ignore this message also.

Nothing is being ignored.

It’s just that by design, external or removable media is considered untrusted because it isn’t constantly monitored by CIS. Yes, I’m aware that in your situation, the media isn’t actually external, but as it isn’t under constant supervision, it is treated as removable media.

Now that CIS uses file hash for file recognition, this behavior may change in the future.