Frustrated with Comodo Online Backup

Until now I have always loved Comodo products. However, I bought Online Backup space 2 months ago and have never been able to get it to work. I have been round and round with Support, usually finding my ticket abandoned when the answer isn’t “I forgot my password.”

With Comodo Backup 2, I got in a couple of times, but was unable to complete a backup. I’d always find 0 space taken.

With Comodo Backup 3, my account name and password were recognized by the Account Settings, but not by the actual backup. The support’s answer was “Send me an encrypted signature and I’ll give you your service password.” I’m supposed to pay for a digital ID to get this program to work? I sent an answer with screenshots showing I had access in Account Settings and not in the Backup, and heard nothing further.


I’m replying to my own post to finish it.

I read here that I should download v. 1.7 and use that. I did, but it hung repeatedly. (I’m using Windows 7 on a 64-bit machine.)

I give up. I’m asking for my money back.


Comodo Backup v3.0 uses a different storage service than the previous versions of this application, allowing the introduction of multiple interesting features such as using the online storage space as a drive.

If you have purchased storage space before the launch of Comodo Backup v3.0, you are not able yet to use your account with this version, but the data on your account will very soon be migrated to this new type of storage, thus allowing you to used it with v3.0. You will probably be notified about this change and your Account Settings section (under Comodo Online Storage tab) will provide a service password to be used with this version of the application.

After the data on your account will be migrated, check this page to see where you can find the service password to use with Comodo Backup v3.0 :

Thank you.