Frustrated with all the friggin allow screens

I have used software firewalls for years but other that Sunbelt’s Kerio firewall I have yet to see a product put up more requests for each application whether the end user wants to allow the application to perform the connection or not! It is constantly prompting me for every connection of an application that I already told to allow out!!!

I definitely would not recommend the product for newbies.



I’m pretty sure that you’ll find each alert is slightly different.

CPF tracks not just what application is trying to get out, but also what it’s parent is - what caused it to try and get out. Even if you’ve already approved Internet Explorer as a valid internet-capable application, a firewall that doesn’t care whether “explorer.exe” or “malware.exe” is the parent of Internet Explorer isn’t doing you, or the rest of us, a favour.

There are numerous configuration options youcan select to reduce the number of pop-ups. These are located in SECURITY-ADVANCED.

IMHO, computer security has a price, and it’s one I’m prepared to pay.

Ewen :slight_smile:

If you set Alert Frequnce Level to Very Low, you will get only one popup per application.
You can also disable Aplication Behaviour & Component Control to get almost no popups.
But if you do that, your computer’s protection strength will lower to Fair, so it is up to you.

Dear Frustrated,

what to say? If a Firewall run completely silent you would ask yourself whether it’s working
good or not… According to me, Comodo Firewall solution is absolutely balaced, in that it prompts
an user action only if it’s needed. You could customize pop-up windows by checking “Don’t ask me again…” option in the appeared CPF’s alert.

Stay tuned,
(S)Nicola S.

I agree to that :slight_smile:

I like the Comodo PF-popups…that is a sign that the firewall is working :slight_smile:

Well, compare us, the human race, last 30 years…we learned how to use CD players and now DVD players, we can use Computers, our cars have got much more sophisticated etc etc. the threats we face online is multi-faceted. There is no such a thing as “beginner’s firewall” per se! There is a good, secure firewall and there is a not so good and not so secure firewall. The more secure, the more intelligent the firewall is, the more information it will provide you about attacks etc. Of course there is the lack of understanding about what all these mean with the users, however, having a product that does not alert them to these threats only gives them false sense of security!

the best thing would be to utilise the best security possible and look for ways to make it less noisy! That is exactly what Comodo is doing by improving the safelist we have!


Maybe he didn’t “scan for known applications”…???